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This was a triumph.

finally, after having the game since release, i finished Portal. It didn’t take me this long because its hard. In fact, the spot where i stopped playing was the room before the final ‘boss’. I got stuck on that section months ago (3 days after the game came out) and it wasn’t until the other day that i sat down and said “ok, i’m gonna finish this.”. Ten minutes later, i was finishing up dealing with gladOs (the computer that has been talking to you through out the game) and enjoying this:

i’ve heard the song before, i’ve seen the videos, hell, i even have the song for gHero. but, i needed to see it on my machine and hell, get the achievement while i was at it.

for those not in the know, Portal is a game where you have no traditonal guns or weapons, you dont beat anybody up, and nobody dies, unless you fall into some toxic liquid or something like that. The only tool you have in the game is a gun that shoots portals, 2 of em in fact. you, and objects can pass through the portals, and you use them as a means of figuring out the puzzles to get to the exit. below is a video explaining how portals work. (the voice in the video is the previously mentioned computer ‘gladOs’:

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